Happy elderly woman with a caregiver in the garden,

We are a company founded by nurses, and the care we give is grounded in nursing philosophy and values. As nurses, we empathize with the experiences of our patients and their family members. We appreciate the changing needs of our patients and understand how a diagnosis can affect an individual, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. We are sensitive to the emotions that families experience when illness strikes a loved one.

Declining health can change all aspects of a person’s life, including one’s ability to remain in their own home.

It is our calling to support our patients in their homes while they recover from an injury, manage a disability, encounter difficulties after surgery, face pain caused by illness, or approach end-of-life. We partner with patients and families to optimize their quality of life in their own homes. And, when needed, we provide end-of-life care in the peaceful environment of our state-of-the-art hospice facility.

At Integrated, we work with you, your family, and your doctor to ensure that you get the care you need in the place where you are happiest.

Our Mission

To foster value in palliative, hospice care, and home healthcare by enhancing the quality of life of the population we serve by empowering them and promoting satisfaction while observing fiscal responsibility.

Our Vision

Every person in our community with a serious illness receives the highest possible level of comfort through our compassionate, individualized care while supporting their loved ones.

Our Values


We respect our patients, their beliefs, and their traditions. This respect fosters a therapeutic relationship that enhances health and healing. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the care that we deliver is respectful of our patient’s needs and wishes.


We believe that all people have the right to make decisions regarding their care. We will advocate for our patients to direct their health care to the maximum extent that they are able.


We believe in the inherent dignity of all people. When faced with an illness, a person’s dignity is often challenged. We strive to preserve and promote the dignity of our patients.


We believe that compassion for one another is the greatest of virtues. We demonstrate compassion for our patients by delivering care in a manner that is gentle, kind, and considerate.

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